Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chip for my Car

This week I bought a chip for my car, a diesel VW Sharan from a local tiny garage called Westend in Charlesfied near St Boswells. It was 50 quid and installed in 2 minutes. Today my wife and I went to Kelso for a drive to get some fish and I was amazed as my gas mileage is normally about 44mpg and it went up to nearly 60mpg. As I spend about 2000 pounds a year on gas I think this investment will save me about 3-400 pounds a year....and it improves acceleration!. The garage man told me install it and if your not happy bring it in any time for a full refund. He says he has installed many and no one ever came back. The unti apparently fools the master computer rather than the expensive reprogramming that is offered for about 300 pounds.