Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nanny State Destroys British Institution

I have spent a few days identifying the best caravan for my family to take regular weekend vacations. Unfortunately I then looked at the rules and realized that the LABOUR government in 1997 changed the rules so that after that date anyone who wants to go caravanning has to take a complex manual test. Now in my opinion that means that caravanning is dead, and a great British tradition of taking the family out for inexpensive holidays has died with it. What a shame indeed. It also means that millions of caravans will become virtually valueless as younger drivers decide (as they will) not to bother and older drivers get older and leave the fraternity.

The implications are much bigger. The tipping point of 1997, 15 years ago, means that drivers of about 32 now need a test. 32 is about the age when you have a couple of children maybe about 6-10 years, the ideal age to start camping. You also have enough disposable income to buy a van. Now how many people are employed all over Britain in van sales rooms, van manufacturing plants (Britain is a major caravan maker), van accessory plants and caravan sites.  There is perhaps a 20 year window and no one will caravan at all, other than motorhomes, during this 20 years Britain will kill another industry and put thousands of workers on the streets.

What is so silly is that like me millions will now buy a huge 6 wheel motorhome which cost three times as much and are just like a big lorry on the road....but is legal. Nanny state what a stupid idea.