Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Shore restaurant, Leith

Came highly recommended by Rick Stein, must have changed since he went. Went for lunch yesterday and was disappointed. We had mussels and scallops for a starter and the scallops were nicely done in butter and with panchetta, the mussels were Ok but my wife said the sauce (white wine and cream) had very little wine and was just milky. As a main course we both had the fish special, mine lemon sole whole and hers john dory. The plate was awash with butter and oil so everything was swimming and oily. The fish was a bit overcooked but not much and overall ok although the John Dory was dry. The sauce was a lot of chopped fresh herbs with concasse of tomato and it totally overpowered the fish. The vegetables were French carrots oand sauteed potato. Again carrots a bit strong for fish, and the problem with the excessive oil was that everything was wet and not nice. The bread and butter was lovely and the staff tried hard, but we went home wishing we had spent 60+ pounds for lunch at some other restaurant.
The other thing we notice about supposed "classy" restaurants is the inordinate amount of time everything takes. We got our starter quickly but then the main took ages and even after when we asked for the bill it took a long time to come. There was no snap in the place, it wasn't a "leisured time" thing it was a can't be bothered thing.