Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Royal Yacht Brittania

At the back of one of the best small malls in Edinburgh, the Ocean Terminal is the hiding place of the old Royal Yacht Brittania. This is one of the best tourist places in Edinburgh and worth a visit if only to see the bed that Prince Charles put in especially for his honey moon with Diana. Despite all the press about Camilla, a battleaxe if there ever was one, he must have loved Diana then as apparently putting the double bed in broke all the protocols of the Royals at sea where single beds were the norm. They have done a great job of allowing visitors access to every aspect of the ship from the state rooms with a magnificent 66 seat dining area, to the more intimate part of the royal sea journeys where Prince Phillip put his feet up and drank his gin and tonic. The Royal bedrooms (the only place in Britain where one can see where they slept) shows a lovely understated elegance and the whole family area is a joy in showing a "normal" family at play away from the pomp.
For the engineering minds the ships engines and equipment did over 1m sea miles without fault and are scrupulous. Apparently General Macarthur on being shown the engineroom said "OK that pretty now wheres the real engines".