Friday, August 27, 2010

Tontine Peebles

This should be a super restaurant, and it is well written up in many guide books. But we have been three times and constantly disappointed.

I went to dinner this week with a visitor. I won't go again. Staff were not very friendly, particularly senior staff. The food was only passable, I had soup and a steak and my guest had smoked salmon and sea bass. The soup was good but the steak was well overcooked and tough as boot leather. It came with not very good chips and a poor salad. My guest said his bass was good but maybe he was polite, it didn't look good. The exception was the smoked salmon which was really very very good but of course that just means they chose a good supplier. The dining rooms are very nice and maybe people will go there for just that, but not me. Evidence was everywhere of deterioration in infrastructure and the bathrooms were not nice at all.You have to park at the back of the hotel down a narrow rough road and there was only one light so we were stumbling in the dark. Not what one would expect.hotel web site