Monday, April 14, 2014

British Engineering - A Total Failure

Today I decided to replace my bathroom wall heater. My experience shows that British Engineering, once world class has fallen so far as to be useless.

Lets start with removing the 1990 existing heater. The outside screws are Phillips they were so corroded that I had to drill them out. When I got inside I found that the positive and negative were flat head screws and worse the earth was a nut and bolt. So in 1990 British engineers were so bad that they had three different sets of heads all requiring special tools.

Turn to my brand new Eterna wall heater. Take it out of the box and examine it to find that the wall mounting screw locations are all under the heater itself making it impossible to actually screw into the wall!. Now who thought of that brilliant idea? Eterna Wall Heater

The heater itself is on a swivel base, the base cannot be removed from the heater as it uses locked nuts which if removed could not be put back once the heater was mounted. The heater covers the base so you cannot access the screws for wall mounting!