Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ghost of Huntlywood

Since we have been here we have woken several morning to find a swde on our lawn. We cannot tell where it comes from. Fallen off a truck? A Ghost? Who knows but they are very tasty roasted

31st October

Another glorious day in the Borders. More garden work and sat down to a nice leg of lamb and looking through the windows saw two pheasants eating fallen crab apples.

Chinese Restaurants

As far as we know there are none in the Borders. In Galashiels is Biejing Beijung which we are told is quite good, but all the ones we have tried have been rubbish.

Indian Restaurants

As far as we know there are no good ones in the Borders. In Peebles is the very good Prince of India and we can highly recommend that.

Monday, October 25, 2010

October 24th

Cold but sunny day, frost at first. Spent the day in our garden cleaning up old beans and pruning apple trees. Picked about 50lb of cooking apples. Gave lawns a final mowing. Farmer has sheep in the next field so lots of baa's while we worked. A lovely day. Still have lots of flowers out but leaves disappearing from the trees fast now.