Saturday, July 21, 2012

Giacopazzi Eyemouth

This is the first fish and chip shop in the whole of Scotland and England, where I have taken one bite and thrown the whole 6 pounds worth straight in the trash. This is the worst fish and chips in Britain far. The fish was soaked in oil so that as you lifted it up it dripped oil, and the taste was of old oil and awful. The chips were so greasy and oily I could not eat more than one. The mushy peas however was good but how does one make a meal of mushy peas?

We had been here before and we had found it awful about a year ago, but we gave them another try as our friends said they were very good. What a disappointment and Eyemouth is so nice to visit.

Their website

However just a few miles away in Tweedmouth is a lovely fish and chips that continues to deliver first class food, and at a lot less cost 4.30 for fish and chips versus 5.95 at Giacopazzi.
Their website

I did receive an email from Giacopazzi management who were very disappointed to hear of my bad experience and offered to make it up if we came back. You can't say fairer than that and as I told them in my email, maybe the staff were a bit frazzled as their was a lot of customers that day.