Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pavillion Cinema Galashiels

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D last night at "our local". Its not a nice Cinema but its all we've got. Its not very clean and unlike US cinemas a limited range of food. Its hard to see why the Amercian good ideas have not translated. In a US cinema one gets a huge trtay that sits in a hole in the arm of the chair. On it one can pile chicken or shrimp and chips, chinese, popcorn, ribs, wraps, Chilli all kinds of food. Going out to the cinema is going out to eat and watch a movie, its an experience.

Two Swallows

They say two swallows does not a summer make, but in our house this weekend they made for a great deal of unhappiness and sadness. Our neighbour gave us an old shed and dropped it off with his tractor. It had been used as a dog kennel and was dirty and filled with old straw and bird mess, even a wasp nest. My boys and I cleaned it out and pressure washed the outside.

While cleaning we found a swallows nest with 5 tiny babies. We took the nest outside and placed it on a high hedge. While we were having our lunch the parents were frantic. It was just like we would be if we had lost our children. Eventually after swooping all over the neighborhood they found the shed.... but no children. They were so distressed we took the babies back but I don't think it will work.

We all feel so bad, except my wife who says "well they were squatters werent' they, I wouldn't make my bed in someone elses house". We thought her hard hearted. My sons tried to console themselves with "school learning", "oh Dad they have small brains and cannot think". But all of this was just to cover everyone's our shed is tatinted with the loss.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scotland and Europe

The Scottish nationalists won big time in the elections and will have a referendum on setting Scotland back up as an independent country within the EU. I think it makes sense. But I think that the Eurozone itself is about to experience the biggest upheaval in its history. Today Greek debt went above 25% which is ludicrous and totally unsustainable. It is either the biggest oppotunity to make money in the world today, or as more likely, the Greek debt will be restructured or even default. That would bring down the EU crashing like a house of cards. To avoid this the members may well have to accept that local soveraingty must fall and the EU become like the US a country with member states rather than individual countries. So Scotland may be only independent for a little while and then get swept up in political integration again.

80mph winds and rain

Well this weekend and yesterday we encountered the worse weather we have had since coming here. The winds literally howled around our house and we had to take down anyhting in the garden that could blow away otherwise it would. From what I hear on the news this has brought down trees and even blew the roof off the Edinburgh bus station.

Monday, May 16, 2011

16th May 2011 - windy and wet

After a glorious start to the year we have deteriorated again. The weather has turned cold and wet and we even had fires the last two nights as it got chilly. I am worried about vegetables and flowers we have planted in case of frost. Luckily in another sense I got almost all our vegentables planted and the garden neatened up while the good weather lasted. Unusual plantings this year include asparagus peas, yard long beans and brocollini, will they thrive in this cold Northern clime?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Update - Alandda Fish and Chips Prestonpans

Visited recently and it seems they have changed owners. I am not sure but the quality has suffered, our fish was still good but the chips were not up to the old standards and the staff certainly is different.

Borders Suppliers 2

I really try hard to shop in the Borders and support local business, but I am constantly reminded of their deficiencies. I wanted a shower head and as we use well water and have quite low pressure I wanted a low pressure shower head. I went to The largest suppliers in Galashiels, Plumbing World and the bathroom shop attached to Jewsons and in both cases was told "there is no such thing as a low pressure shower head". Reluctantly giving up I ordered one online where there is truly a good range of shower heads. is one example bathrooms 4you another.

Disney Paris - Don't Bother

Took the boys to Disneyland Paris at Easter. We were universally disappointed. The park is smaller than Disney Florida and is much more interested in your money than you. From an eye watering UKP50 to get in for each person through the restauarants through to the shops. Almost 30% of the rides were closed and on complaining we got an email saying basically, thats the way it is. The prinicple is make as much money as we can, so the park is open 365 days, so that maintenance is done during open days which means at any one time 30%+ of rides are closed. I would advise against it, try Parc Asterix which is really French rather than quasi American. One would think in France the food would be good....but no its awful and expensive. On writing to them about this I got a message back saying "we employ dieticians and food experts" well whoopsie doo but whoever they are they obviously don't actually eat at Disney where the food is extremely poor quality GIVE IT A MISS!