Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saigon Saigon Edinburgh

I really don't know what top say about this Edinburgh hot spot right off Princes St. Its full of Chinese and usually one thinks "Oh it must be good", but frankly I was disappointed. Its not that they can't cook dim sum for example, its that the quality is about what I would call C class its ok but nothing special. The yangchow fried rice was the best dish I ate there, succulent and tasty. The staff were friendly in that limited we can't speak English way and brought us dishes we didn't order and then apologized but put them on the bill anyway. It was 80 pounds for 5 of us and we ate a lot, I think we could have been well fed for 60 as we over ordered, and unlike some restaurants nobody said anything. Steer clear of the prawns with chives, its heavy on chives and tastes like grass. The mixed meat and the prawn dim sum were good. They cannot cook sticky rice in lotus leaf it was awful, the filling is supposed to be like a pow but it was tasteless. Overall I won't go back and would rate them 6 out of 10