Monday, August 29, 2011

Beijing Beijing - Galashiels

Biejing home cook range of sauces and condiments

Well a pleasant surprise, a reasonable Chinese restaurant in the Borders at last.
I had a takeaway from this Galashiels restaurant tonight. They specialise in an inexpensive buffet model and from the crowds seem popular. We had chicken with black bean sauce, egg fried rice, speciality chilli prawns with garlic and mixed vegetables.

They can't really cook fried rice. I really don't understand why its so difficult for Borders chinese restaurants. You steam your best quality rice, let it dry, then take a wok and heat it. Swirl a beaten egg or two in the bottom and throw in your rice, add some soy and a handful of chopped spring onions and thats it. The fried rice that Beijing serves is not bad, but I couldn't find any egg or spring onions.....having said that better by far than many others.

The chicken in Black bean sauce was really quite good, moist tender chicken and a rich tasty gravy of black beans.

The chilli prawns were not good. For some reason prawns and chinese don't go in the Borders. The taste was not chilli and the sauce was not good.

The mixed vegetables were above average, a good range of veg and a tasty sauce.

Having said all the above, the food was the best I've had from a Chinese restaurant in the Borders and is to be commended. I spoke to one of the family and they have recently launched a range of cook at home products which I purchased. See the image. I tasted them and they are very good.