Friday, August 27, 2010

Sootland like Australia

The more I look at this place the more I think tis another Australia. A country almost as big as England with 5m people and the newspaper tells me a declining population! This has to be the biggest land of opportunity in Europe. Plenty of scope for new business, wonderful scenery and friendly people. I just cannot understand why people are not flocking here from overcrowded England and elsewhere. Scotland probably needs an ad campaign such as Oregon did in the 70's. They put a photograph of Pitsburgh with all the chimney belching smoke and a landscape out of Tolkeins Mordor and said "Move to lovely Oregon". The story I heard was that they did it to discourage immigration but it had the opposite effect as people immediately realised this wasn't Oregon and started to research and apparently eventually moved increasing population by some 30% in 5 years. I am convinced Scotland needs selling and needs incentives to attract people. Increase the population 25% and you increase the opportunity!
They need Crocodile Dundee!