Friday, August 27, 2010


As one drives down to Dryburgh Abbey hang a right and the road goes down to a dead end by another monument built by the Earl of Buchan (he also did the statue of Wallace). According to the sign he intended it to have a statue of Diana but it was not completed. Someone has installed a hideous modern sculture which is totally out of character and time what a shame. I am sure they did it out of good heart but what a mistake. Nearby is a lovely suspension bridge for foot travellers and it very nice there. Buchan apparently was not a nice man, or at least so the signs tell us and his family let someone say that so they must agree (if he has any remaining relatives). I would like to know more of the man who built a castleated house for his gardener, he cannot have been all bad and he liked poetry. Unfortunately they charge to visit the Abbey ruins, a crying shame. Next to the ruins is the Dryburgh Arms Hoterl which seems very upmarket. There was a helicopter there when we walked down. Rich people.