Friday, August 27, 2010

Antique Shops

There is not that many around. Innerliethen has several interesting small shops. Melrose has two good but expensive. There is an interesting one in Greenlaw but it is only open weekends. But I am surprised at the lack to be honest as this is a tourist area. There is a lovely old rubbish place as you approach Prestonpans on the right hand side. This is a treasure trove of old junk but with lots of good stuff you wouldn't find anywhere else. For example about 200 old golf clubs I saw. But its all mixed in with bankrupt commercial stock so maybe 50 desks, 100 old sinks. You could spend hours here. There is one just off the traffic island between Melrose and St Boswells, you drive down a small lane, but we didn't find it very useful for us, more furniture than anything. In Berwick there is a second hand furniture shop by the lower bridge that also has some antiques and is inexpensive.