Friday, August 27, 2010

Smailholm Pottery

Visited Smailholm pottery last evening. It was a serendipity affair. I had taken my wifes mother and sister to church in Kelso and on the way back saw this lonely tower on the hill and went up to explore. From the St Boswells to Kelso road it is not obvious that the tower in fact commands extensive views North. I could not visit as the local farmer had the road blocked with a tractor. Decided to visit the eponymous pottery instead and found it a delightful place. Set in an old farm complex and with a well lit and attractive display area this is a real working pottery. The pottery itself with its soft grey blue ground and minimist decoration is very nice. One oddity was a range of quite erotic table ware with naked women. Hmmm not sure I want to drink my tea and see large breasts emerge from the liquid... a bit disquieting. But it points to one of two things, either the country life leads one to excessive sexual frustration which emerges from the clay...or erotic pottery sells? My only caveat is the prices, 65 pounds for a fruit bowl as nice as it is seems pricey to me. Maybe in a London studio ok but in the moors of Scotlands Borders I thought 30 pounds more realistic.