Thursday, August 19, 2010


Two years ago we left Trinidad in the warm Caribbean, and migrated to Scotland to the Border area of Eildon, Walter Scott (of Ivanhoe and rob Roy fame) lived here. There is something very special about the Borders, I think its the light which makes the countryside stand out clear and crisp, but its also a half way house between England and the highlands. Its a beautiful area, varying from soft rolling hills with hidden valleys, to rough moorland high up and bleak, but with lovely views. The area is farming land mostly sheep and cattle. There is little industry other than still some weaving and pollution is zero. When we drive from Eildon to Berwick which is nearly an hour we rarely see more than 4 cars the whole trip. Its quiet and calm here and we love it.
This blog will be my diary of our adventures and our recommendations of places to visit and eat and explore.