Thursday, June 14, 2012

Restaurant quality

We have tried many restaurants in the Borders and North England and have uniformly been disappointed with the quality of the food offered. Last week we went to the Victoria Hotel in Bamburgh which is two rosettes and had frozen oven chips with our meal. Today I spoke to an old friend who has been doing contract work as a cover chef with several supposedly top class hotels and Restaurants in the area and his feedback is that hotels cut costs, have poor quality staff with little training and that profit has overtaken quality to the point that poor food is served.

Its a shame. For years Britain was the poor food destination of Europe, until the Roux brothers began to change it all in the 1970's. For a while, maybe 20 years, things improved, but I think that quality is again suffering. I am not sure of the reason, is it that customers hesitate to spend, or is it that hotels and restaurants are hurting?