Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mont Blanc - Don't Buy

The fraying caused strings of material to hang off the wallet, I cut most off but they can still be seen

When I retired my company gave me a Mont Blanc wallet. I was very proud of it. But over the less than 4 years I have owned it, the material on the cover a sort of curduroy has frayed alarmingly. The wallet can no longer be used as the material deteriorated into strings hanging off the wallet and looking unsightly. I wrote to Mont Blanc and explained and they asked me to send the wallet which I did.
I got a letter from Mont Blanc today which basically says " we are not able to help at all, but we will sell you another one for 92 pounds"
My advice to anyone thinking of buying a Mont Blanc pen or any other equipment is ...DON'T. This is the worse customer service I have encountered ever, there was not even an apology or an admission that the material was faulty.
I went out and bought a lovely Wenger wallet which is so obviously of better quality than the mont blanc, and half the cost, that I wonder why anyone ever buys their stuff.