Friday, September 9, 2011

2011 and our garden

It has been an odd year, starting out with much promise in those sunny early days of April and May through a rough cold and wet summer. Our runner beans which we had in abundance last year have only just started to crop, potatoes were good and broad beans spectacular. Peas were all eaten by rabbits which I refuse to shoot but they ate every one. We had good strawberries but awful bluberry and soft fruits such as raspberry. I tried brocollini but those shot off to flower, cabbages have not headed much and carrots are only just getting above 3 inches. We had very good onions and garlic, I have bunches hanging in the greenhosue, I succeeded with cucumbers this year and have a lot of tomotoes in the greenhouse but they are not ripening through lack of sun. Tomatoes in the garden were a disaster. I tried pak choy but it was eaten by slugs. Peppers were poor.