Monday, September 5, 2011

Beijing Beijing part 2

link to restaurant

We tried Beijing again today as we really would like to find a good Chinese we can a) recommend and b) use regularly in the area. We can recommend Beijing and have listed it in our favourites on side bar.

We had fried rice, noodles, salt and pepper king prawns, BBQ pork, Chicken chop suey.

I can confirm that they can't cook fried rice, again its not bad but its not right.
The noodles were fine.
The salt and pepper prawns done schezuan style were tasty and moist. Not enough heat for us but we added their own chilli sauce which we bought last time.
Chicken chop suey was actually very tasty and the chicken moist and a good gravy.
The BBQ pork confirmed my fear that they don't really cook char sui. Now my idea of char sui is that you cut the pork in such a way that it hangs like a flower with pieces held together by a thin piece a bit like the picture.

it is then seasoned and roasted hung over coals.... when taken down and cut one gets very small pieces....whereas the Beijing one is like a piece of roast meat, so the char sui flavour does not penetrate.

However I am nit picking. Overall the food was tasty and we ate it all up. Although even my small son said , this is not egg fried rice, so its not just me. We will be back to sample their duck with pancakes! They are the best we have found so far.