Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Tyres

It appears that the UK is the only country in Europe that does NOT mandate winter tyres from November until April. Our experience last year convinced us that these are essential for travel in the Borders. We had a power failure in a snow storm in March 2010 and had to go out to get coal or logs to keep warm. Our car had perfectly good normal tyres but as sliding all over the road. Winter tyres marked Mud and snow are essential for travel here as there are many steep hills and the gritters and snow plows are slow to reach outlying areas. Its either sell your car and buy a 4x4 or get snow tyres. The best tyre is Goodyear Ultragrip 7+ according to several tests. One example gave this tyre versus a standard tyre in snow at 25mph trying to stop. When the Ultragrip stopped the other car was still doing 20mph!. Pretty impressive.