Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dentist - The Borders Shame

If you are coming to the Borders to live, be aware that there are no available dentists. We waited 2 years and then got an appointment. The dentist cleaned our teeth and said "there are some shadows on your x-rays, but we can do nothing until they become a problem" my wife had a problem with clicking in her jaw, again the answer was "we can do nothing on the NHS for that until it becomes excruciatingly painful or you cannot eat".
Yesterday we went to a private clinic in Edinburgh (no available private dentists in the Borders, yes you will see clinics but they are all full). They said the clicking was caused by a bite problem and that she had 3 fillings urgently required, plus a leak in an existing filling needing attention whats the use of an NHS that is CLEARLY instructed not to fix anything?