Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Our family visited Aberdeenshire this weekend gone. We were in search of my wifes roots as she has Forbes in her tree 4 generations ago. It appears a Forbes man visited Barbados to do survey work and fell in love locally, they later migrated to Trinidad due to prejudice at mixed couples in old fashioned "Little England". Trinidad I suspect being more laissez fair.
We liked what we saw, Aberdeen has better shops and malls than Edinburgh by far, more choice more up market cleaner. The newer houses reflect an American influence, more like ranches than British homes. The country is much like the Borders, rolling hills mountains in the distance (Cairngorms).
We also visited "Royal" Deeside where Victoria and Albert built a home. Very pretty up there but close to the hills and out of the way (I guess thats what they craved).
Conclusion I guess we will go back. Had a good meal in Cafe Boheme but thought it overrated frankly. Steaks overcooked, food more arty and farty than true French, and very pricey for what we got