Thursday, November 29, 2012


When Tripadvisor started I thought it was a good idea, so started to report on my findings whenever I visited anywhere. Over the years this web sites power and influence have grown enormously. Now if I write a bad review I am invariably contacted by the place I have reviewed, many of whom seem to think its almost illegal for me to write and say they are not up to standards. Restaurants and hotels have never before been the subject of visible proof of their competence and it is very scary for them. Oh they would have customers unhappy, but these would each be isolated and covered up so that the general public had no idea of their problems. Now the good and the bad are revealed and its up to the reader to judge the veracity of comments and make a decision...but at least they now have a place to look.

There is also still a general failing to complain when one purchases food or lodging that is not up to par. When we were in Jersey recently we ate at the Atlantique Seafood restaurant and were presented at one point with a bowl of rice that looked like and wobbled like a blancmange  We sent it back and eventually the owner came over and apologized and said once she realized the rice was so overcooked she stopped the kitchen. But we looked around and there were many customers who had eaten one or two mouthfuls of rice and left it back, but didn't complain. When one is paying top rate for food, one should get perfect food, if one doesn't, then its your right, and in fact a sort of duty to other diners, to complain. By putting both complaints and praise in one place with a rating system, Tripadvisor has provided the perfect vehicle for checking out where one is going before booking and I use it a lot. WEB SITE