Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two Swallows

They say two swallows does not a summer make, but in our house this weekend they made for a great deal of unhappiness and sadness. Our neighbour gave us an old shed and dropped it off with his tractor. It had been used as a dog kennel and was dirty and filled with old straw and bird mess, even a wasp nest. My boys and I cleaned it out and pressure washed the outside.

While cleaning we found a swallows nest with 5 tiny babies. We took the nest outside and placed it on a high hedge. While we were having our lunch the parents were frantic. It was just like we would be if we had lost our children. Eventually after swooping all over the neighborhood they found the shed.... but no children. They were so distressed we took the babies back but I don't think it will work.

We all feel so bad, except my wife who says "well they were squatters werent' they, I wouldn't make my bed in someone elses house". We thought her hard hearted. My sons tried to console themselves with "school learning", "oh Dad they have small brains and cannot think". But all of this was just to cover everyone's our shed is tatinted with the loss.