Friday, May 6, 2011

Disney Paris - Don't Bother

Took the boys to Disneyland Paris at Easter. We were universally disappointed. The park is smaller than Disney Florida and is much more interested in your money than you. From an eye watering UKP50 to get in for each person through the restauarants through to the shops. Almost 30% of the rides were closed and on complaining we got an email saying basically, thats the way it is. The prinicple is make as much money as we can, so the park is open 365 days, so that maintenance is done during open days which means at any one time 30%+ of rides are closed. I would advise against it, try Parc Asterix which is really French rather than quasi American. One would think in France the food would be good....but no its awful and expensive. On writing to them about this I got a message back saying "we employ dieticians and food experts" well whoopsie doo but whoever they are they obviously don't actually eat at Disney where the food is extremely poor quality GIVE IT A MISS!