Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jehovah's Witnesses good tenants

I was surprised this week while talking to a manager of a large estate in the Borders with some 100 houses rented out. He told me that many of his tenants were Jehovah's Witness and that he liked them as tenants because they were law abiding and good tenants often spending their own money to improve properties rather than expecting the landlord to do it all. "We get no trouble from these tenants at all and as every landlord knows a bed tenant can can cost an estate a lot of money, not just in fixing up the house after they leave but even in getting them out in the first place. Plus bad tenants breed problems with other nearby tenants when the house deteriorates and they often have unkempt and overgrown gardens". Overall we find this group to be ideal tenants, they are quiet and even their children are well behaved.