Friday, August 10, 2012

Rural Payments Agency

Their Web Site
I was amazed one day in our little rented barn in South Liecestershire to see a man walking around the fields with a laser measuring stick. I approached him and he told me he was measuring the edges of the field of rape as farmers get PAID by the government through this agency to leave a strip of fallow ground for bees and flowers. They are paid by the square metre.

Now I am one who does not believe in "poor" farmers. I saw one recently being interviewed about his loss of milk revenue and he had his foot on his 2012 Range Rover....tell me about it!  I cannot believe with the country in recession and people suffering that we are still paying farmers NOT to plant fields.

This is a quote from their web site if your not convinced.
The Rural Payments Agency continues to pay out Single Payment Scheme cash to farmers in England at a record rate. As at Wednesday 15thFebruary, payments had been made to more than 99,300 customers. The value of the payout to date was £1.61 billion., 93.1% of the current estimated payment fund.