Friday, April 13, 2012

Berwick Shellfish Depot

Oh my gracious we have been here three years now and we just found the best place for shellfish in the area. Its on the sea road in Tweedmouth outside Berwick and is in fact a commercial fishing depot right across the road from the Lifeboat service. One walks inside and there are ranges of sea water tanks full of fresh shellfish, crabs, lobsters, langoustines, cockles mussels etc. The men are in oilskins and its rough and ready but they will take your money. We got a huge plastic container of fresh lobster meat for 12 pounds, but they had lovely live lobsters for about 10-12 pounds a piece. Now we have several reasons to visit Berwick, best bread at Fords, good beach walks at Spittal and Scremerston, Shellfish in Tweedmouth and Morrisons.