Monday, February 13, 2012

Glenshee, Breamar and Ballater

Our family took a 4 day trip to Glenshee and stayed in a nice little cottage on an estate (Dalmunzie) at Spittal of Glenshee. We had a great time although it was quite warm at 4 degrees. The Glenshee ski resort is not at all like Ben Nevis or Aviemore which are much more tourist oriented. Glenshee is just for skiers and I think if you are a skier a much better experience as right from the road both sides there are ski lifts going straight to the slopes. We had a great time sledging right off the road on nice 50-100ft slopes of good snow.
We visited Breamar and Ballater and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. It is apptly named Royal Deeside as the high quality is evident everywhere. The cottage was a bit rough and ready, but cozy and quaint with log fires so we had nice evenings. We can highly recommend Dalmunzie and the friendly staff, I have put a link below to their web site),  We also saw a good 50 stags and deer on the hills a wonderful sight.

Link to Dalmunzie