Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hardiesmill Butcher revisited

Tried them again (despite the prices) and got three lovely sirloin steaks and some of the best minced meat I ever tasted all for about 20 pounds so much more reasobale than I thought. The steaks were really tasty and the mince was just the best I ever used. I made my famous curry pies (see my recipe blog) using it and they tasted better than ever before.
link to my recipe blog

Since then used the mince in Spaghetti and in pies again. The quality and taste are very good indeed, but the lack of fat is a problem with certain traditional mince dishes as its too dry. 96% lean is just too lean for say burgers which need 20% fat. But did try their beef sausages which are very good as well, as good as St Boswells who has the best sausages in the Borders.