Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Education and Knox

I am not sure if the Borders education department has supporters of the SNP or John Knox or maybe thats the same thing? But I do know that they seem to delight in doing things a) different from England and b) almost anti religious. As an example is the vacations schedule for 2011 where children have their "Easter" holiday on March 4th to 15th when Easter is actually the weekend of the 20th. The result is that parents who work will be at home on their holiday when their children are back at school. So any idea of planning an Easter vacation is out of the window. Unless its a cunning plan as Baldrick would say in that a wily Scot said "yu see how the English raise prices at school holidays....well we'll fool them by having our different and getting cheaper holidays..d'ye ken". As far as Knox who is most famous for destroying almost as many lovely churches as Henry v111 and creating a religious environment in Scotland where proctors would actually go out on Sunday and fine you for not attending Kirk, he might appreciate making a mandatory holiday on a different day to Rome for Easter!